The Western Martial Arts Coalition and New England Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community are very proud to re-introduce the annual Boston Sword Gathering as:

Iron Gate Exhibition
Historical Martial Arts
Our mission will continue to be to honoring the Old World Fechtschule tradition (i.e. skillful displays of traditional martial arts) in our modern-day New England, USA.  

This year, IGX will feature 4 full days of events (Friday, 9/20 - Monday, 9/23), including
  • 2 days of tournaments, including several weapon categories:
    • Weapon skills (Cutting competition)
    • Close quarters combat (Wrestling, Dagger (self defense, dagger vs dagger [NEW]))
    • Single-handed weapon (e.g. Dusack or Saber, Sword & Buckler)
    • Double-handed weapon (e.g. Nylon or Steel Longsword)
    • ...and a potential new category, stay tuned...
  • Classes available first 3 days with local, national, and international instructors; and including periods dedicated entirely to free fencing!  
  • full 4th day (Monday, 9/23) dedicated to honoring the Higgins Armory Museum's collection as it transitions to the Worcester Art Museum (WAM)!  A outline for the program for the day will include
    • Lectures over the course of the day on current research from leading HEMA scholars
    • A final opportunity for a curatorial tour of the Armory, featuring a chance for select contributors to handle objects in the reserve collection
Prizes will be awarded not only for winners of individual events, but also for best displays of technical skill, and best competitors across all categories!  
And last but certainly not least: IGX will attempt the final and most ambitious production in this year's US HEMA LIVESTREAM SERIES -- more details to come shortly, stay tuned for special future livestream announcements... 

Early registration will begin shortly, so mark your calendars!  Prepare to answer our call to arms and visit us this Fall for the biggest HEMA event we've hosted to date!  

Charles Deily & Jeff Tsay
- Co-hosts of Iron Gate Exhibition 2013 (
- Directors respectively of Schola Saint George Boston ( & Forte Swordplay (
- Members of WMAC (


Special thanks to our VIP sponsors